Monday, January 26, 2009

Israeli Arabs Settle the West Bank? ערבים מתנחלים

It may be nearly too late, but in all the years of the settlement movement (1968 ‘til now), I wonder if any Israeli Arabs tried to test the system by applying to join a settlement. Cantcha picture it?

“Hey, I want a red-roofed house with a lush lawn and a paved access road. I’m a citizen of the occupying / settling / liberating power. How come I’m not entitled to all those yummy mortgage incentives and other benefits?!”

Better yet, imagine a group of Arabs and left-wing Jews taking over some hilltop in Samaria and naming it “Zecher Yitzchak” or “Giv’at Rabin”. Or, if they wanted to increase their chances (warning: black humor coming), calling it “Makor Baruch” or “Kfar Kahane”.

Would it not be a great publicity stunt? If anyone out there knows of such an attempt, do tell!

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