Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carob Tree, My Foot עיץ חרוב - נראה אתכם

The Gush Katif-ers (as my neighbor likes to refer to them), are engaging in what is nothing more than a pathology. Ironically, they are doing what the Palestinian refugees have done now for generations: creating a cult out of the state of being a refugee. Even their language reveals this, i.e., calling their present state “exile”.

First off, let's get something straight: These people were no more residents of Gaza than I am. They lived in an enclave called Gush Katif, which they are now attempting to transform into some twisted version of sanctified ground, the same way Queen Helene identified random locales as having been places where Jesus performed miracles, and merrily erecting basilicas thereon.

This refugee cult is sick, and the worst thing of all is that these self-styled exiles are passing this sickness down to their children, instead of doing what sane people who have been through a trauma do, which is to work through it and move on.

Instead, they are casting themselves as victims in perpetuity, which “entitles” them to blame anything and everything that goes wrong in their lives on the rest of us Jews, who “sold them down the river”. I refuse to be blamed for the Gush Katifers' present circumstances. They've probably got the best deal going of any “refugees” of the past century. Just ask the Darfurians – or the Palestinians.

PS In fact, it would be interesting to learn how the European empires treated their colonists when their colonies declared independence and they announced they were “closing up shop”. If anyone knows this arcane information, do tell.

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