Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Id al-Adha and organ donation איד א-אדחה ותרומת איברים

Let's begin with Muslim Knesset members' request to postpone the session for Id al-Adha so as to enable them to vote on two bills. Seems the Jewish Knesset members are so eager to get down to the work of running the country that they just can’t countenance postponing. My favorite quote from the article: Zeev Elkin: "...I don't believe these laws have a distinctively Muslim dimension..." Oh. So you mean that simply being an elected official who wishes to vote in the legislature is now not a good enough reason to ask for a deferral? The issue has to concern hizzer’s constituency directly?

This damned country and its parochial leaders. Everything has to be sectarian: You belong to either an "Arab party" or a "Jewish party". You either live in an Arab area or a Jewish area (we conveniently forget Lod, Ramle, Acre, Jaffa, Haifa, and even Eilat); you donate to / villify a "left-wing NGO" (that's "human rights group" on the rest of the planet), or just a default NGO (all the rest). Everything breaks down according to sector. When will we join the 21st century?

And as for the Druze celebrating their Id next week, I offer that we also have two Christmases: the Latin one celebrated December 25th and and the Orthodox one two weeks later. Those pesky non-mainstream denominations! Jeez! You mean they actually expect us to respect their calendars?!

Now let's turn to our current jack-in-the-box bills, i.e., the ones that keep popping up just as you thought we'd shut the lid on them. MK Ofir Akunis explaining why "left-wing" NGOs (aka human rights groups) should be prohibited from accepting donations from abroad: "The fact that a state such as England can donate money to a movement such as Peace Now is blatantly unfair."

Hmm...I was not aware that countries donate to Peace Now — can you cite an instance please, Mr. Akunis? — but for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s so: Would the same apply if England were to donate to Gush Emunim? ‘Cause after all, fair is fair…

Talkbacker Herring on the closure of Jerusalem's acclaimed MaGaL drug treatment facility is absolutely correct when s/he says, "Unfortunately, financing new settlements is a priority." Kah-ching! $17 billion dollars and rising…Because we all know that settler youth don't have drug problems. Anyway, let me get this straight: There will now be ONE 20-bed juvenile addiction treatment facility in a country of 7 MILLION? Are we out of our ever-lovin' minds?

Let's hear how [the] ADI [organ donor card-issuing organization] responded to donors' anger at Cna'an, ADI's ad agency, caving to ultra-Orthodox demands that they use images of men only in their sign-up drive:

“ADI officials: the decision was based on a desire to convey the … campaign's message to all Israelis.” And of course it’s incumbent upon us not to offend the sensibilities of the ultra-Orthodox. But hey. What about me? Last time checked, I was a member of the superset “all Israelis”, and I’m offended at the ad agencies’ excuse that the ultra-Orthodox vandalize whatever offends them. Great. So we’re letting terror win. And where is law enforcement in this equation? How come it’s so easy to detain Palestinian teenagers for throwing stones, but law enforcement just can’t seem to prevent public property from being vandalized by religious extremists? I’m a card-carrying organ donor; don’t I matter?


  1. It's incumbent on the ultra-Orthodox NOT to spout what amounts to anti-Semitism toward their not-as-observant Jewish neighbors (I won't say "friends" because that seems unlikely). They're not going to win anyone over to their way of thinking through adherence to questionable rules (and, I've heard, violence), and their only gain is resentment. The U-O attitude constitutes elitism and smugness, neither of which reflects well on them. It almost sounds as if they consider themselves collectively the Pope. So their publicity campaign for organ donors will feature only men? Does that also mean that if a U-O family's son needed a kidney, he wouldn't want my [a female's] kidney? Honestly, it sounds as if they're no more than primitive beings who consider all women witches. I read what you referred to in your post (how [the] ADI [organ donor card-issuing organization] responded to donors' anger) and feel anger — and worse — toward people who are so ridiculously stubborn in their "piety."

  2. Mollie, you can bet your last dollar they'd take your kidney -- or mine -- on the grounds of *pikuach nefesh*, or the principle that saving a life takes precedence over all. And unfortunately, their goal is not to win anyone over to their way of thinking, and they care not a whit how they're perceived by the "outside". They want only to transform Israel into the Jewish version of an Islamic Republic, and they don't care how many enemies they make on the way.